Getting our firewood ready at Lucky Pond

My Aunt Lena visited us while camping at Peakes-Kenney Park
She passed away one week later. I miss her...

Jim relaxing at one of his favorite fishing holes

One summer Seboomook Lake was more like a desert with a stream running through it

This stump and chain are normally under 15 feet or more of water

Jim and Jasper fishing in Jackman

Jim fishing a good spot

My little dog Jimmy is fishing with me

Fishing is my favorite thing to do in the summer

This is Jim with one of the brooktrout he caught on Shirley Bog.

First we CATCH 'em....

Then we EAT 'em

Camping with our grandkids

We need a BIG setup for all the kids!!

Getting ready to cook hotdogs

Grandkids going swimming

The water is GREAT!!

Jessie on the beach

Jessie and Tyler at Peaks-Kenny Park on Sebec Lake

Barbie and Jasper canoeing on Fish Pond in Jackman

Kayaking in Ripogenus Gorge (NOT ME!!)


Wanna try it???

Scouts canoeing small rapids on Moose River

These scouts didn't make it!!

Giving a helping hand...

Full moon through the trees

Waterskiing is always fun on Schoodic Lake

It's also fun to swing off the rope at the local swimming hole!!

Here I am flyfishing off a dock at Schoodic Lake

Me from another angle...didn't catch anything but sunfish!!
More Summer Fun

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