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Central Maine's own online newspaper by Judy Wilbur Craig

Want to know about Maine? This is the place to go!!

The Maine Page
A truly beautiful site by Ralph and Joan Wright

Maine Weather

Cross-Country Ski at Alder Stream Center
SMALL dogs welcomed, too!! Sorry, NO big dogs allowed.

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LOTS of Maine links here!!



This is my all time favorite site. It is such a delightful, cheerful place. Visit once, and you will visit again and again!!

Clint Trefethen: Fantasy and Traditional...
This site is amusing, entertaining, interesting and really great!! (Clint is my sister-in-law's brother AND a terrific artist!!) I'm sure you will enjoy it...

Heather Brown's Webpage
This is my granddaughter's page

David's Baseball Page
Mo Vaughn fans, eat your heart out!

Blue Mountain
Use this site to send really nice e-cards

Intelligence of Dogs
See how your dog rates on the intelligence scale and more


Bill's Games
Some great games that can be used with most browsers (including WebTV)


WebTV Games

Lots of Games for WebTV

Robbie's WebTV Games

Wicked Good Games for WebTV



Something to Wonder About
Try this...it is pretty neat!!

Thinking of building YOUR OWN WEBSITE? These links will help get you webTV users started...

Draac's School of HTML

Draac' s Uploading Video Captures

Web FX - The Web Graphics Tool

Draac.Com - Building A Better Internet

Now that you know how to build you own website, go to Tripod and HAVE FUN!!!

More links coming - just have to get them organized a little. There are just so DARN MANY that I like!!

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