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The Crucifixion of Jesus

From the medical point of view by Dr. C. Truman Davis, MD, MS

(by Sandy Snide after reading the article)

It's difficult for us to conceive

the agony Jesus went through

in order to fulfill God's will

that He should die for me and you.

We take the crucifixion for granted,

with hardly a thought of the pain.

We really should stop to think about it,

for it's through His death that salvation we gain.

Jesus was arrested in the middle of the night

He was blindfolded, taunted and slapped.

He was struck in the face by each palace guard,

and in His face they all spat.

In the morning he was taken across Jerusalem,

exhausted, battered, dehydrated and bruised.

Here they prepared to scourge Him;

Oh, how he was abused!

They stripped Jesus of His clothing

and tied His hands to a post o'er His head;

then they whipped Him many times

'til Jesus was nearly dead.

His back was a mass of torn, bleeding tissue;

skin hanged in ribbons long.

The whip had been made with two lead balls

on the end of each of several heavy leather thongs.

They untied the fainting Jesus

and let Him slump to the ground.

Then they robed Him and from sticks with long thorns

they made Him a painful crown.

When they pressed it into His scalp

His blood began to seep.

Then they mocked Him and slapped His face;

and with a stick, pounded the thorns more deep.

They finally tired of their sadistic sport

and tore the robe from His back.

The pain and bleeding caused by this

was like that when He was attacked.

The Romans returned His own garments;

'cross His shoulders a hundred pound beam was tied.

The beam was part of the cross

on which our precious Lord finally died.

The heavy beam gouged into His bleeding shoulders,

Six hundred fifty yards they told Him to walk.

But Simon of Cyrene was told to carry the beam

after Jesus fell, bleeding and sweating the sweat of shock.

When they arrived at the crucifixion site,

square nails were put into His wrists and driven through.

Then the beam He was nailed to was put into place

along wth a sign saying, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."

His feet were pressed together, toes down;

His left foot pressed backward against His right.

A nail was driven through the arch of each.

With this finished, Jesus was crucified.

As Jesus sagged down, putting weight on His wrists,

pain shot through His fingers and arms to explode in His brain.

Trying to avoid this, He pushed up with His feet;

now it was there that He felt the pain.

As His arms fatigued, cramps overtook all His muscles,

knotting them in deep, relentless, throbbing pain.

Even His lungs were affected by cramps;

He could take air in, but couldn't let it out again.

Christ went through hours of this limitless pain

before He died on the cross that day.

It makes me feel so unworthy

to know He died for me that way.