When Jim and I leave the house to go fishing, we never know just where we will end up, what will happen or what we will see. Please join us for a few of our trips....

Looking over Dunham Pond and deciding which direction to head

We go into a cove and see a loon there

She surprises us by diving under and swimming right past our canoe!!

Jim always carries the canoe back to the van when we return to shore...

And I'm always left to carry the gear.

Jim has put rollers on the back of the van to make loading the canoe much easier

We head down to one of our favorite beaver ponds

When we get there, we see a large beaver heading over the dam to go downstream

There is still another beaver swimming around in the pond. We see quite a few beaver during the summer

Jim ignores the beaver and keeps fishing

One afternoon I talked Jim into going canoeing in a certain stream. He didn't really want to go, but wanting to shut me up, he conceded. We were about two miles upstream when.....

The sky got real black and the wind came up. The stream goes through the middle of a big bog and there is no way to get under cover, so we headed downstream as fast as we could, but......

We didn't make it....WE GOT SOAKED!!! Jim dries off with a towel as he says, YOU and your BRIGHT IDEAS!!"

The rainwater runs out of my cap. It didn't help much against the downpour!!

We returned to the stream on a nicer day and stayed dry.

It was beautiful!

We often see beaver huts while canoeing.

We also see quite a few beaver

Sometimes they slap the water with their tail and jump us!!

The day ended with a beautiful sunset

One day while canoeing on a tiny pond, we saw this nest about a foot and a half above the water

As we got closer, we could see there were eggs in it...

Three eggs to be exact! I have no idea what kind of bird they belong to....do you??

Is this the Loch Ness Monster????!!!

Nope! It's a snapping turtle under water!!

We are getting ready to head upstream for a day of fishing. Since these shots were taken, the dam has gone out and the stream is gone.

Heading up....

Sometimes we run into obstacles and Jim has to scout ahead to see if it is worth trying to get through

Often, it is worth the effort!

Sometimes, REALLY worth the effort!!

On this stream, we had to go over 6 different beaver dams (one way!). Here Jim pulls the canoe over one on our way back downstream

Occassionally the stream gets real narrow and we have to break branches to get through easier

Brook trout aren't the ONLY thing we catch!! Crawdads like worms, too!

Once in a while Jim has to get out and pull the canoe upstream if the current is too strong and there are too many rocks. Sometimes I stay in the canoe....

Sometimes I get out and walk along shore....

Photographing nature, such as this dragonfly

Getting ready to try Moose River for trout

No fish, but watched these canada geese take off and fly by us

We see a lot of rabbits on the dirt roads

Moose too!!

Sometimes as we are driving along a dirt road, we will spot a valley that looks like it may have water in it. Then we go exploring. Jim even climbs trees to get a better look

We also follow moose trails - THEY know where the water is!!

We camp quite often near Rock Pond

My sister Pam and her husband camp there with friends fairly often, too. Here she is with Tres, the son of friends

This is Rock Pond. Pam and I want to go out fishing, but it's rainy and cold, so we don't

Well, that's all for now. Summer is coming, though, and soon we will be out there again. I will be adding adventures as they happen.



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