10/18/99 Custody hearing

10/23/99 Mickey and Sonja visited 10 - Noon

10/30/99 Mickey visited alone 10 - Noon

11/06/99 Mickey visited alone 10 - Noon

11/09/99 Mickey called at 5 p.m. - wanted to see Ben the next afternoon. He said he would call back for an answer in a little while. Mickey told me that he had quit his job in Kenduskeag and was now digging bloodworms in Lamoine. I called Cathy and learned that she had car trouble AND plans with her daughter. Then (thinking I would save Mickey the cost of a toll call, I called him at Sonja's where I had been calling him right along, and learned that he was no longer living with Sonja. The person said he guessed Mickey and Sonja just need some time apart. Mickey had said nothing about this when we talked.

11/12/99 Mickey called to see if the visit scheduled for the next day could be changed from 10 - Noon to a little later because he had to dig bloodworms during low tide. I said ok, and it was arranged that the visit would be from 2 - 4. Cathy brought Ben to my house as usual for the visit. Mickey called at 1:15 or so and said he was at his mother's house and was just leaving to come to my house. He called again at 2:45 to say he was in East Corinth and it was raining. His wipers were not working and he could not continue and would not make it for his visit. He asked if Ben would still be here Sunday a.m. and I told him that he wouldn't be as I was taking him home at 4. We did set up a visit for Monday, the 15th from 4 - 6.

11/15/99 I got out of work at 3 p.m. and went directly to Dover to meet Cathy at the babysitter's house and pick up Ben for his visit with Mickey. We got back to my house at 3:45. There was a message from Mickey on my answering machine. He said he had gotten stopped by the police on Sunday and he didn't have a driver's license. He said he couldn't make it for the visit. He said he didn't know what was going to happen, so no visit was set up. Will wait for him to call and will at that time set up a visit for two weeks after he calls. NOTE: He should have called Sunday to let me know this so we wouldn't have to do all the running around with Ben for nothing. I heard through the grapevine that Mickey was in Picataquis County Jail AGAIN. Mickey had NOT mentioned this when we talked.

11/16/99 Tonight I called Sonja. She told me that Mickey had moved out at her request. She told me she could not take his lying any longer. He is now living with his mother, Kathy Harmon, in Carmel. I have not heard from Mickey since he left the message Monday.

12/04/99 Ben's birthday. Mickey had visit with Ben. I had made a cake and got ice cream. Also here was the couple from Ellsworth that Mickey is living with and their three sons, and Kathy and Fred Harmon. Mickey and friends left after two hours. Kathy and Fred stayed longer to visit with Ben. Mickey's sisters did not come though I had said they were welcome. Mickey goes to court Monday, 12/6.

12/8/99 I called Mickey's mother Kathy to see how things went in court. Learned that it was postponed until 1/3/2000.

12/23/99 Kathy Harmon called to see if I would be home the following day so she could drop off a Christmas gift for Ben. Told her I would be here.

12/24/99 Kathy and Fred dropped off gift for Ben. Asked if I had heard from Mickey....I had not. Later same day, Mickey called to see if he could see Ben Christmas day and give him his present. Things were too hectic for arrangements to be made. When he called back for an answer a couple of hours later (I had not been able to reach Cathy), he agreed timing was not good.

12/26/99 Mickey called to see if he could come see Ben some night this week. Would call 11/27/99 between 3 and 6 p.m. for answer. Mickey has bronchitis. I called Cathy, who said she wanted to have visits arranged two weeks in advance as ordered by the court.

12/27/99 Mickey did not call today as he said he would. He also has my e-mail address but did not e-mail me either.

01/03/00 Mickey called today to see if he can see Ben this weekend (I wasn't home so he spoke with my Husband, Jim). I had already called Cathy to see if Ben could spend the weekend with me, but Heather said Cathy wasn't home.

01/04/00 Got hold of Cathy tonight to see if Ben can spend the weekend with me. Cat asked if Mickey had called. I told her he had called yesterday. Ben is coming to my house the the weekend, but I was instructed to remind Mickey AGAIN that all visits MUST be set up TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. He is not to know that Ben is spending the weekend with me.

01/08/00 Ben did not spend the weekend with me as I have been sick with influenza since last Wednesday night.

01/10/00 Mickey went to court yesterday. I called his mother, Kathy Harmon tonight to see what happened. She wasn't home, so I talked with her husband Fred. He said some of the charges were dropped and he goes back to court sometime in February on the other charges.

01/16/00 Mickey called this morning to set up a visit with Ben in two weeks. I said ok. Later I went down to Cathy's to visit and see about the visit. She is planning a birthday party for Tyler on the day I had set up the visit. Now I have to see if I can reach Mickey somehow to tell him to come Sunday instead of Saturday. Will call his mother tonight to leave message with her..............I called Kathy (not home) and talked with Fred. He said he thinks Mickey is somewhere in Dover for a few days. I gave him the message to give to Mickey (he can visit Sunday, Jan. 23). Ben will be at my house until 4 p.m.

01/17/00 Received e-mail from Mickey today. It read as follows: Hi sandy. This is mikey, you are a wonderful grandmother. I am very much looking forward to seeing Ben. Thnak you and have a very very nice day.
I replied as follows: Hi Mickey, I don't know if you have talked wih your mother or Fred yet, but there has been a change in the visit. Cat is having a birthday party for Tyler that Saturday. Therefore, the visit will be on Sunday, January 23. Ben will be here until 4 p.m. when I will take him home. You can visit anytime before then on that day. Sandy

01/23/00 Mickey visited with Ben for two hours today. His brother, Josh, came in to see Ben for a few minutes when he came to pick up Mickey.

01/30/00 Mickey visited with Ben today for two hours. Other family members came with him: Kathy and Fred; Jada, her husband and daughter; another of Mickey's sisters (can't think of her name right now). Visit set up for each weekend now unless Mickey goes to jail again when he goes to court 2/14/00.

02/02/00 I e-mailed Mickey today to see if he can visit Ben Saturday instead of Sunday this coming weekend because Sunday is Heather's birthday. No reply yet. I also sent the message to his aunt. She replied saying that Mick had gone into Bangor, but she would give him the message when he returned.

02/06/00 Kathy Harmon called this morning around 8:00. Mickey had just called her to tell her that he would not be able to make the visit today. He had not received my message about the visit being changed from today to yesterday....said he had been out on a fishing boat and just got in. Kathy said she would have Mickey e-mail me in a day or two. His next visit is Sunday, 02/13 (the day before he goes back to court).

02/13/00 Cathy brought Ben to my house at 11:45 for his visit with Mickey. Although Mickey e-mailed me yesterday to say he would be here, he did NOT show up. He did not call or e-mail me to let me know he would not be here. This is the second weekend in a row that Ben was here and Mickey was not. I am geting tired of tying up my weekends for nothing!! Weekends that are perfect for cross-country skiing with my husband.

02/27/00 Mickey called me collect today from jail. He goes to court tomorrow and was wondering if Ben was here by any chance. He isn't. I gave Mick my mailing address as he requested it in case he goes to jail for a couple of years. He said he is going to try and see if he can get bail and check himself into Acadia to get his act together. Knowing Micky, it won't help...he has tried it before.

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